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Updated: Nov 7, 2023


Although dandruff can sometimes be caused by a fungal infection or other skin disease, in most cases it is produced when the scalp doesn't receive a sufficient supply of blood. Consequently there is a lack of protein in the skin, which becomes dry and flaky. Dandruff may also be due to a deficiency of vitamin B-6, or to an excess of vata dosha, which also makes the skin dry. The treatment is simple.

To improve circulation to the scalp, massage for a few minutes daily with neem oil (in a sesame oil base). lf a fungal infection of the skin is causing the dandruff, the neem oil, which has disinfectant properties, will help heal this also.

Herbal Remedies for Dandruff- Though there are many natural remedies available for dandruff and various local applications, shampoos, oils and so on, but our combination works internally and gives strength to the body to fight the dandruff from within.

Dandruff is actually a fungal growth or fungal infection. Using anti-fungal treatments or shampoos of selenium or fluconazole may help temporarily but the internal treatment has its own importance. The combination of herbal remedies mentioned here in this pack are purely natural herbs, no chemicals or drugs, no synthetic preservatives but just the pure herbs.

The products like Neem are excellent for blood purification. The keep the pH of the blood maintained so that there are no infections in the skin. IN other words, Neem is the best blood purifier. It also clears away the free radicals and other toxins and acidic matter from the blood. Therefore good for black spots on the skin, blemishes, acne on face of body, boils all over body, pimples, lack of glow in skin.

Other products in this package are Amla saar and Chawyanprash. Bramhi Chawyanprash is a rare herbal jam made from atleast 48 rare herbs with the base of Amla fruit pulp.

Amla fruit is world's richest source of natural vitamin C. Vitamin C is known as best natural anti-oxidant and prevents all the diseases and fights ongoing diseases. The combination mentioned here is best combination of various herbal remedies for dandruff.

Amla Juice is full of vitamin C and other natural micronutrients. The combination works best for dandruff and also a good anti-aging, blood purifying combination.


The above pack is for 30 days. Following is the dosage details:

Neem Capsules : 1 capsule twice daily. Amla Saar : 15 ml twice daily, with plain water, after meals. Brahmi Chawyanprash: 2- 3 teaspoons twice daily, anytime preferably with milk.


Neem or Azadirachta indica is a large, evergreen tree and has strong health maintaining properties. Neem is used as a poultice in boils and as a very effective herbal remedy for acne. It is useful in high blood sugar, chronic skin problems like psoriasis, acne and eczema. Neem gives excellent results in chronic fevers and disorders of impure blood. It's very useful antibacterial, antiprotozoal, antiviral, anthelmintic and effective herbal remedy for acne and other skin diseases. The tree stem, root and bark are astringent tonics.


Amla is perhaps the single most often mentioned herb in "Charak Samhita"- Ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine literature (500 BC). The fruit is has the highest content of vitamin C of any natural occurring substances in nature.�Amla is most useful treatment of ulcers and hyperacidity. Amla builds immune system to fight against all kind of viruses like that of Hepatitis, AIDS, Influenza and many others. Amla Saar is�used in treatment of Acne and other skin problems.


Most people keep on living with nagging symptoms which cannot be labeled as some disease or illness, but they do not feel well at all. They feel fatigued, stressed out and do not enjoy their life of vitality, zeal and enthusiasm. They just get used to the feeling of fatigue and lack of strength. The fact is that they are going towards a chronic disease because of their irresponsible behavior towards their health. Nutrition plays a very important role in preventing chronic disease and treating this fatigue syndrome.

Dietary recommendations made by most doctors tend to be more focused on the specific intakes that avoid deficiency rather than those which promote optimal health, but Ayurveda recommends complete rejuvenation through 'Rasayana' therapy' i.e. optimum nutrition to promote optimal health. Our "Brahmi Chawyanprash"�or Chyavanprash is a 'Rasayana' Jam, made up of Amla (Indian Gooseberry) and 48 other life enhancing, vitality promoting herbs. Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), is a very effective mental tonic and relieves anxiety, stress and blood pressure. Other herbs are useful in preventing ageing and damage due to stress, pollution, blood pressure and our faulty diets and life style. Brahmi Chyavanprash is specifically made to meet the body and mind's requirements of nutrition and energy.

Diet chart for Dandruff
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