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Updated: Nov 7, 2023


Fatigueis also calledexhaustion or lethargy. It is a state of awareness describing a range of afflictions which are usually associated with physical or mental weakness. Physical fatigue or muscle weakness is the inability to exert force with the muscles to that extent, as expected from a physically-fit individual. Physical fatigue also includes mental fatigue and appears as somnolence or decreased wakefulness and a general decrease of attention. It has been widely reported that fatigue is a normal result of over-working, mental stress, over-stimulation, active recreation,depression and lack of sleep. Fatigue may also have chemical causes, such as mineralor vitamin deficiencies.

Fatigue is common and massive blood loss frequently results in fatigue. According to a recent survey, more than 20% of people worldwide are reported to have intense fatigue. It is enough to interfere with the normal life in an individual. A physical cause has been estimated to be responsible for about 20-60% of fatigue, while mental causes comprise the other 40% to 80% of cases of fatigue.

Normal fatigue in healthy individuals is quickly relieved in a few hours or in a day, and when the physical or mental activity is reduced. Severe chronic fatigue for at least six months or longer may include various symptoms like post-exertional malaise, impaired memory, loss of concentration, unrefreshing sleep, muscle pain, multi-joint pain, sore throat and headache. Other common symptoms include nausea, diarrhea, night sweats or chills, brain fogginess, dizziness, shortness of breath, chronic cough, visual disturbances, allergies, sensitivities to foods, irregular heartbeat, jaw pain etc.

Currently, there are no approved medications used in the treatment of chronic fatigue. Some medications only help to get relief from various symptoms of chronic fatigue. These may include antidepressants, antihistamines, antivirals, CNS depressants immunoglobulins, cardiac medications, anticonvulsants, corticoids and expectorants. Some antidepressant medications may cause or worsen symptoms of fatigue. Sedatives also tend to worsen fatigue in the long run.

Some tips for reducing fatigue may include enough sleep each night, healthy and well-balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, regular exercise, yoga or meditation etc. The individuals should maintain a reasonable work and personal schedule. Alcohol and smoking should be avoided. Stimulants like caffeine etc. are not effective treatments for fatigue. They can actually make the problem more worse.

As per Ayurveda, herbal treatment is the best mode of treatment for fatigue. Herbal adaptogens support the process of turning the food eaten into energy and ultimately provide more strength to the body organs. The right herbal remedy will vary from person to person and depends on their symptoms and other related factors. Our herbal remedies include adaptogens and stimulant herbs which may boost mood, improve memory, lengthen physical and mental endurance, improve test scores and ease anxiety. Infact, there are natural herbs, free from chemicals and adverse side-effects.


Fatigueis physical and mental stress. However, it is not always due to overwork. In fact, sometimes people feel tired because they're not doing enough, not working hard enough. For such people, fatigue can be due to boredom or lack of motivation.

Fatigue may be due to low gastric fire, weakness of the liver, low adrenal energy, or anemia. It may be caused by Epstein-Barr virus, a form of chronic fatigue syndrome related to high stagnant pitta in the liver. People having a history of infectious mononucleosis can feel very tired.


The above pack is for 30 days. Following is the dosage details:

  • Stress Support : 1 capsule twice daily.

  • Brahmi: 1 capsule twice daily.

  • Brahmi Chawyanprash: 2-3 teaspoons twice daily, preferably with milk.


This product has its roots in Ayurveda-ancient herbal healthcare system of India. According to Ayurveda the balance of 3 energies- Vata, Pitta and Kapha (Kinetic, Thermal and Potential energy) in the body is a disease free state whereas their imbalance causes diseases. Continuous stress leads to imbalance of Vata and consequently other energies. The herbs in this product act synergistically to control vitiated "Vata", therefore acting on the root cause.

Herbs in Stress Support:�Stress Support is purely an herbal formulation without any chemicals added into it. The ingredients are frequently used in Ayurvedic system of medicine since 5,000 B.C. without any side effects.


Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)

Ashwagandha is also commonly known as 'Indian ginseng'. It is a unique herb with multiple functions. It contains active components like 'Withanolides' and 'Withaferin' which are very beneficial for nervous system. The herb also possesses anti-inflammatory, antitumor, antistress, antioxidant, immunomodulatory, hemopoietic, and rejuvenating properties. It is especially useful in diabetics and blood pressure people as it also controls diabetes and blood pressure. It relieves stress, anxiety and enhances physical and mental performance naturally.

Tagar (Valeriana wallichii)

It is commonly known as 'Valerian' and is very popular herb in the west. It is used in India for its benefits in calming down the nervous system. It relieves stress and anxiety and also fights depression.

Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri)

The herb 'Brahmi' is used in Ayurveda since ages for loss in memory, lack of concentration, forgetfulness. It increases the retention power as well as recollection. It is very useful in many mental illnesses also. Regular use also helps in stress, anxiety, blood pressure, hallucinations and epilepsy. Regular use of this herb improves mental ability and cognition.

Jatamansi (Nordostachyes jatamansi)

This herb is useful in many illnesses like blood pressure and hysteria. It controls epilepsy, mental disorders. It relieves stress and anxiety.


Brahmi is the best herbal supplement to increase memory naturally without causing any side effects. This is one of the best herbal remedies to enhance the brain function, learning capability and retention. Bacopa monneiri or Brahmi is a creeper that grows in marshy lands. The herb contains powerful Bacopasides which enhance memory naturally and many folds. The traditional people in India use Brahmi during their exams to increase the performance. Modern housewives give drinks, jams made up of Brahmi to enhance memory of children. See Brahmi Chawyanprash also to increase memory naturally. We offer effective herbal supplements for memory and effective herbal remedies cotnaining Brahma extract and available in the form of Brahmi Capsules.

Latin Name: Bacopa monneiri

Common Name: Indian Pennywart

Sanskrit Name: Brahmi

Brahmi is purely herbal product containing extract of Bacopa monneiri. This is a time tested herb used to increase memory naturally during ancient times. We have presented this ancient way of memory enhancement in a very modern way but the effects are much more than using crude herb. Brahmi increases memory naturally in many ways. It nourishes the neurons, it improves retention ability. It increases grasping power, learning capability. It contains alkaloids like Bacoposides which are the reason for action of Brahmi to increase memory. Many companies fill herb powder in hard gelatin capsules. We use herbal extract of Bacopa monneiri in vegetarian capsule shells.

We have used vegetarian capsules shells to put in herbal extract of Brahmi. Many companies use hard gelatin capsules and put in 250 mg of herb extract, whereas we have put in 500 mg of concentrated 10:1 ratio extract. Many companies also put raw herb powder in the capsules, which is a very crude way and does not give results. Crude powder is very cheaper as compared to herbal extract of brahmi.

Brahmi is traditionally used in India for its memory enhancing properties. Brahmi is also very useful in common forgetfulness due to stressful life style. So everyone can use it. Brahmi increases the coordination in between brain neurons thus helps in improving short term as well as long term memory. Brahmi increases concentration, stamina and helps in mental fatigue. Brahmi is a complete natural remedy for mind.


Cellular Rejuvenation Herbs for Body & Mind

Most people keep on living with nagging symptoms which cannot be labeled as some disease or illness, but they do not feel well at all. They feel fatigued, stressed out and do not enjoy their life of vitality, zeal and enthusiasm. They just get used to the feeling of fatigue and lack of strength. The fact is that they are going towards a chronic disease because of their irresponsible behavior towards their health. Nutrition plays a very important role in preventing chronic disease and treating this fatigue syndrome.

Dietary recommendations made by most doctors tend to be more focused on the specific intakes that avoid deficiency rather than those which promote optimal health, but Ayurveda recommends complete rejuvenation through 'Rasayana' therapy' i.e. optimum nutrition to promote optimal health.

Our "Brahmi Chawyanprash"is a 'Rasayana' Jam, made up of Amla (Indian Gooseberry) and 48 other life enhancing, vitality promoting herbs. Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), is a very effective mental tonic and relieves anxiety, stress and blood pressure. Other herbs are useful in preventing ageing and damage due to stress, pollution, blood pressure and our faulty diets and life style. Brahmi Chawyanprash is specifically made to meet the body and mind's requirements of nutrition and energy.

Indications- Fatigue, Stress, Blood Pressure, Anxiety, Palpitations, Lack of memory and concentration, Run down conditions, Low Immunity, AIDS and related immunity disorders, Cancers, as a supplement in Tuberculosis and other chronic ailments.

Brahmi Chawanprash is an age old traditional formula dating back to 3000 B.C. Every person in India has tasted Chawanprash once in its lifetime. It is a rejuevenative tonic in the form of a Jam which every mom gives to her kids for their growth and nutrition requirements. Herbs like Brahmi help in boosting the memory and Amla helps in building the immune system. The ordinary Chawyanprash contains 43 rare herbs processed in Amla paste but Brahmi Chawyanprash contains 48 and more of Brahmi for relieving stress and increasing memory.

Chawanprash is a cellular rejuvenator and is beyond comparison with any other product in the world for its rejuvenative properties. It has an ancient story related to its making in ancient Indian literature. When one of the most popular ancient Indian saint "Rishi Chayan" lost his youth and aura, this rejuvenating herbal jam was made on his name by "God" himself to rejuvenate him. He gained his lost strength and youth after using this rejuvenation herbal formula. This formula is mentioned in ancient Indian Ayurveda texts and we have used the same herbs and some more to give it an upper edge. So we are getting the rewards and the testimonies pouring in from all around the world.

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