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Amenorrhoea (Absence Of Menses)

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Amenorrhoea (Absence Of Menses)


The menstrual cycles are a normal process after puberty in women. They continue till the woman attains her menopause. Before puberty and after menopause there are no menses. Apart from this, during the pregnancy period there are no menses. Any condition apart from these that disrupts the normal menstrual cycle and causes cessation of menses is absence of menses and is medically called as Amenorrhea. It is usually a symptom of an underlying condition.



Primary amenorrhea that is seen in girls who have not had periods beyond the age of 16 years. Secondary amenorrhea is seen in women who suddenly come up with symptoms of amenorrhea after her normal periods. THE CAUSES OF ABSENCE OF MENSES ARE:

1. Abrupt changes in hormones 2. Changes in the gonads 3. Ovaries fail 4. Failure or disorder in thyroid gland 5. The reproductive glands are poorly formed 6. Drugs 7. Depression 8. Stress 9. Tumors 10. Sudden weight gain 11. Extreme weight loss 12. Extreme exercising



  • The first primary symptom is the absence of menses. The woman would stop having menses regularly for a couple of months

  • There could be milky discharge from the nipples

  • Excessive facial hair could be present due to hormonal imbalance

  • Vision changes


Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine that makes use of herbs existing in the nature and formulates herbal remedies using the inherent power present in these herbs. We in Ayurveda believe that herbal remedies bring to you the richness of the herbs in a natural, unadulterated form. These combinations help improve immunity and provide strength, endurance and will.

Ayurveda uses the inherent power of natural herbs to bring about wonderful results on the human body. The herbs are natural and 100% safe. Ayurveda helps to naturally enhance the body functioning in an herbal way. The Herbs for Absence of menses help improve the gonads functioning n an herbal and natural way. The herbs for amenorrhea help produce proper hormones for the complete functioning of ovaries and therefore to naturally start the menstrual cycle again.


The botanical name of Shatavari is Asparagus racemosus. The herb has been used for its multiple health benefits over centuries. Its medicinal properties have worked well for nervous and gastric disorders. Ayurvedic physicians have used its beneficial effects for improving female health and female sexual system since centuries. Its main sphere of action is on the female sexual system where it helps to increase the libido thereby helping improve confidence and self esteem. The usual symptoms seen in women are irritation over petty issues, stress from work or due to other emotional factors, decreased interest and desire for sexuality and low energy complains in performing daily activities. They usually complain of feeling tired all day or the lack of stamina. Shatavari herb helps improve stamina and energy levels in women. It shows wonderful action on the female libido and enduring power that increases self respect and confidence. Shatavari herb is used to form SHATAVARI CAPSULES at planet ayurveda. GILOY (GUDUCHI)
It improves immunity in a natural way. Calcium deficiency in the body can be effectively relieved with this herb. It is nature’s best herb to maintain homeostasis in the body and prevent diseases. Giloy is added to Chandraprabha vati. COMMIPHORA MUKUL (GUGGUL)
Guggul has highly potent rejuvenating properties. It revitalizes cells and therefore rejuvenates them. Its purifying properties as well as lipid- regulating properties make it a wonderful herb for many health tonics. It is useful for people who have low haemoglobin and are anemic. It is useful in many heath conditions as it has proved its versatility in several conditions. The effect it has on cholesterol and triglyceride levels indirectly protects the heart from atherosclerosis. This property of the Guggul ayurvedic herb helps to prevent the oxidization of cholesterol and therefore control the subsequent hardening of the arteries. The herb is beneficial for hypothyroidism related disorders. The herb promotes the metabolism and therefore aids in weight loss. Guggul is used in the preparation of Chandraprabha vati. EMBLICA OFFICINALIS (AMALAKI)
The herb is known for its rejuvenating properties. It is a natural antioxidant that removes free radicals from the body and helps in regeneration of cells. Amla helps in increasing the body vitalityand strengthening immunity. It helps in developing healthy, glowing skin and preventing premature aging. Anemia and blood related disorders are helped in a natural way. It helps in maintaining proper functioning of the liver. It aids digestion by soothing hyperacidity. This wonderful herb helps in improving immunity and boosting metabolism. The herb helps gain youthful skin and beauty. Amla has aphrodisiac, antipyretic, cardio-tonic, anti-diabetic, cerebral and gastrointestinal properties. It prevents premature greying of hair, hair loss and promotes hair and nail growth. It enhances eye sight, keeps the mouth clean, and nourishes bones and teeth. It helps to keep the intestine clean and also controls blood sugar. Amla is used to prepare Chandraprabha vati. SARAKA INDICA (ASHOKA)
Its bark is very beneficial to relieve menstrual disturbances and can regulate the female menstrual cycle. It relieves menstrual pain and pain in various kinds of tumors of the female reproductive system. The pre-menstrual tension can be relieved using Ashoka. It is used in our products Female health capsules and Pradrantak churna. SYMPLOCUS RACEMOSA (LODHRA)
It has a big tree bark that acts as an astringent and is commonly used in leucorrhea that is the excessive discharge from the vagina. Lodhra works well in case of excessive menstruation, painful menstruation and delayed menstruation. In many types of cancer, especially cancer of the female reproductive system this herb works well. It is used in our products Female health capsules and Pradrantak churna. ASPHALTUM (SHILAJIT)
The Ayurvedic herb Shilajit has been popular since ages for its wonderful effects on the male libido. Ancient physicians used it for improving vigor and stamina. The herb helps in improving physical and mental stresses. Modern physicians have tested its application in cases of low libido, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, frigidity in women, lack of sexual desire in women and many sex related disorders. The fertility rates and sperm counts increase multi-fold with the usage of Shilajit. Ayurvedic physicians recommend Shilajit herb for improving stamina and energy levels in females thereby helping them feel more powerful and efficient performing their daily activities. Our product Chandraprabha vati contain Shilajit herb in them. TERMINALIA CHEBULA (HARITAKI)
Haritaki is an important constituent of Triphala that has wonderful health benefits. It acts well in gastrointestinal ailments, in cases of spleenomegaly, hepatomegaly, tumors, ascites, and anemias. Its powder, when mixed with honey and ghee, is an effective remedy for anemia. The herb improves memory and is salutary in dysuria and urinary stones. Haritaki helps in improving appetite and helps in the digestion. In anemia of any origin, Haritaki herb is highly beneficial. It helps anemia due to haemoglobin deficiency, anemia due to red blood cell deficiency, and anemias of abnormal form origin. Haritaki is used in Chandraprabha vati. TERMINALIA BELERICA (VIBHITAKI)
A very important herb in the Ayurvedic world, Vibhitaki is famous for its wonderful use in the formation of Triphala. It has numerous health benefits on the human body. Its action on the heart makes it an excellent heart tonic. It helps in purifying blood, thinning of blood, and removing toxins. It is used in cases of low RBC count and low haemoglobin. Vibhitaki helps cases of anemia of any origin and help regain healthy haemoglobin count and form. Our product Chandraprabha vati has Vibhitaki.

Diet Plan For Amenorrhea
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