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Enlarged Prostate

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Enlarged Prostate

Enlarged Prostate:Prostate is a walnut shaped organ present in the human males. It is a vital organ, which helps in producing the essential amount of fluid containing sperms. The enlarged prostate is characterized by difficulty in urination, painful ejaculation, burning sensation, dribbling after urinating in an uncontrolled manner and pain in the scrotum region.Dietary changes and lifestyle modifications are extremely essential in treating enlarged prostate effectively

Tips for enlarged prostate

  • Drink almost 8 glasses of water daily.

  • Limit the consumption of red meat and fatty acid.

  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

  • Follow a regular strict schedule.

These tips along with the home remedies help to get rid of the prostate related complications and symptoms effectively.

Some Effective Home Remedies For Enlarged Prostate

The home remedies are highly effective in treating the prostate related disorders to a huge extent. The efficient home remedies are given below.


1. Pumpkin Seeds

The seeds have diuretic properties. These contain a large amount of zinc. This also helps to boost up the immune system. Consume a handful of pumpkin seeds on a daily basis. This helps to get rid of the prostate related disorders effectively.

2. Watermelon Seeds

These seeds help to excrete out the toxins from the body. They have diuretic properties. This helps to get rid of the various symptoms and signs of enlarged prostate to a huge extent. Consumption of watermelon seeds is highly recommended to maintain a healthy body.

3. Corn Silk

Corn silk is a home remedy for enlarged prostate. Put some fresh corn in a cup of water. Simmer the solution for approximately ten minutes. Strain the solution and drink it. This helps to maintain the health of the prostate gland and prevents the various complications related to enlarged prostate effectively.

4. Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Consume food materials, which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Fishes like sardines, tuna, mackerel are some of the important fishes, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.They contain phytoestrogen. This helps to trigger the production of testosterone and inhibit the cancerous growth of the prostate gland.

Diet Chart For Prostate Problems
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