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Updated: Nov 7, 2023



This is a kind of disorder that develops slowly and the individual at initial stage do not recognize that they are suffering from this problem but in certain cases this problem can develop quickly. It is a mental disorder that is characterized by delusions, hallucinations and some other cognitive difficulties. This problem is considered as a mental illness that can also be the result of today’s monotonous life in which people keep working like machines with a lot of stress of work on their mind which can affect their behaviors and the way they think.


Let’s discuss the symptoms of schizophrenia

  • Delusion

  • Hallucination

  • Thought disorder

  • Lack of motivation

  • Social withdrawal

  • Unawareness of illness

  • Poor expressions of emotion

  • Cognitive difficulties

There are many more other symptoms that depend on the intensity of the disease. There can be negative, positive, cognitive and emotional symptoms.


There are various factors that can cause this particular problem. A genetic factor is also considered one of the main reasons. Besides that there are many other facts that are listed below.

  • Chemical imbalance in brain

  • Environmental factor

  • Family relationships

  • Drugs

  • Genetic inheritance


People suffering from this problem have to deal with it for a lifetime. However, there are some ways to cure the symptoms of this particular disease.

There are three main ways used by doctors to treat the symptoms

  • Psychological counseling

  • Self-help resources

  • Certain medications(anti-psychosis drugs)

There are some of the medications that are most commonly used for Schizophrenia i.e Risperidone (Risperdal), Olanzapine (Zyprexa), Quetiapine (Seroquel), Ziprasidone (Geodon), Clozapine (Clozaril), Haloperidol.


As we know that there is no permanent solution to this mental disorder. Only certain medications can help in curing the symptoms of this particular problem. But one way in which this problem can be treated is by using herbal Ayurvedic remedies that are formulated by planet Ayurveda with pure and natural herbs that are free from any kind of side effects. Let’s discuss about these herbal remedies for treatment of Schizophrenia


These capsules are formulated for curing brain related problems and disorders. Brahmi herb is used in formulation of this particular capsule. This herb is also known for its usage in neurological problems.​

Let’s discuss the benefits of this herb

  • Consists of Antioxidant properties

  • Positive effects on nervous system

  • Helps in increasing brain activity

  • Positive effect on memory

  • Provides relief in symptoms such as depression, anxiety, lack of concentration and schizophrenia.

  • Enhances mental capability of a person

Dosage : 1 capsule two times in a day with plain water


This churna is formulated by using many natural herbs. Let’s discuss about the ingredients used in the formulation of thischurna:

  • Marich

  • Pipali

  • Brahmi

  • Patha

  • Sankhpushpi

  • Sonth

  • Krishna jeerak

  • Shwetjeerak

  • Ajmoda

  • Ashwagandha

  • Vacha

These are the natural herbs that are used in the formulation of this amazing powder that is having versatile properties of all these herbs

Let’s discuss the benefits of this Ayurvedic herbal remedy

  • These herbs consist of properties that improves the patient both mentally and physically

  • This churna is anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, immunomodulatory and anti-oxidant.

  • This proves wonders in the problem of schizophrenia.

Dosage:- 1 pinch of powder 2 times a day or 1 gram two time a day


These capsules are formed with three natural Ayurvedic herbs namely Ashwagandha, tagar, Brahmi that are considered beneficial for the nervous system and proper functioning of the brain.​

Let’s discuss the benefits of the ingredients of this Ayurvedic herbal remedy

  • The herb tagar is especially known for its cooling down properties. Tagar cools down the nervous system and helps to eliminate the symptoms of schizophrenia.

  • Brahmi helps in proper functioning of the nervous system as it coordinates the functions of nervous system properly and helps the system to work efficiently and improves the mental health of the person.

  • This herb has very positive impact on the brain and nervous system.

Dosage :- 2 capsules two times a day with plain water after meals


These capsules are formulated using the herb known as Ashwagandha (with aniasomnifera) this herb is known to normalize the functions of the neuroendocrine system.

​Let’s discuss about the properties of this herb

  • This herb mainly improves fatigue, stress and weakness

  • Has a great positive effect on the nervous system

  • Also contains rejuvenating properties

So these are the natural Ayurvedic herbal remedies that can help in getting rid of this problem and shedding the symptom of this problem properly. Not only the medication is sufficient, but it is advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle with good diet and personal care. Physical exercise is must and should be done on the regular basis to get free from this problem at the earliest. Regular and proper sleep is suggested.

​Dosage :- 2 capsules two times a day with plain water after meals

Diet Plan for Schizophrenia
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